Oral Surgery

From Oh, Shucks to Oh, Sweet Relief!

Can you imagine a situation in which the words oral surgery don’t cause discomfort? At Arizona Associates in Dentistry, we like to make this situation a reality. We promise to deliver the care you need in the gentlest manner possible. We dedicate much of our time to continuing education, and we invest in the latest technologies proven to make the patient experience more comfortable and less costly. Our comprehensive service menu includes extractions, root canals, and precision dental implant procedures.

Tooth Extractions

Extractions IllustrationAt Arizona Associates in Dentistry, our goal is to keep your natural teeth healthy and in your mouth for a lifetime. But as dentists, we know there are times when a tooth or two (sometimes four, other times more) may require extraction. We’ll always try to save the teeth we can, but certain reasons for extraction are beyond anyone’s control – such as a jaw that’s too small to hold onto another set of molars.

Other reasons for extraction may be:

  • Extensive decay
  • Broken tooth
  • Severe or recurring infection
  • Gum disease that has caused tooth loosening
  • Overcrowding
  • Wisdom teeth impacted

The process will vary depending on the reason and your needs, but we’ll always try to make it as painless as possible. With a local or general anesthetic, we’ll make this routine procedure pass as quickly as we can so you can get back to your busy life.

Extraction After Care

After an extraction, we’ll recommend the following tips to make your recovery as smooth and speedy as possible:

  • Use ice packs to minimize swelling. Gentle application on your face for 20 minute intervals can provide relief.
  • Hard, crunchy foods and exceptionally hot or cold foods and beverages should be avoided for a few days following your oral surgery.
  • Warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon in 1 cup) can be swished in your mouth after 24 hours have passed since your oral surgery. Doing this every 2-3 hours can inhibit bacteria growth.
  • Smoking, spitting, and the use of straws should be avoided for at least 5 days post-extraction. These actions put you at risk of dry socket, an extremely painful condition that occurs when a blood clot has been dislodged.

Root Canals

Root Canal IllustrationA root canal is an endodontic procedure. The literal translation of endodontic is “inside tooth”, and endodontists specialize in procedures involving the “pulp” within your teeth. At Arizona Associates in Dentistry, we can perform root canals without referring you to another practice. We’re happy to provide continuity of care and comfort, even with treatments that aren’t typically known for their ease.

Root canals are necessary when a tooth’s nerve and/or pulp have become inflamed or infected because of decay, cracks, chips, or trauma to the tooth. Symptoms of infection and inflammation include pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, and swelling. You don’t want to wait too long before coming in to see Dr. Taylor or Dr. Mclaws, because an abscess may form and pose serious risks to your health.

After anesthetizing the area affected, your dentist will create a small opening to remove the infection. When the area is all clear, we’ll fill the opened roots to prevent further infection. If extensive damage has been done to your tooth’s natural crown, a porcelain crown may be the final step of your root canal procedure.

You might dread hearing that a root canal is necessary to get you back on the road to optimal oral health, but over 14 million root canals are performed each year, and most patients report that the discomfort is equal to that of having a cavity filled. That certainly pales in comparison to the infection left untreated.

You Deserve a Pain-Free Smile!

If you’re in need of oral surgery in Maricopa, Arizona Associates in Dentistry is the place to call. All of your dental needs can be serviced under the same roof. Give us a call today at (520) 213-8459, or schedule an appointment online!
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