Emergency Dentistry

If you or another member of your family have experienced a traumatic dental injury and are in need of urgent dental care in Maricopa, Arizona Associates in Dentistry can aid in your recovery. Our scheduling procedures allot time each day for emergency appointments, and we have an after-hours call line for emergencies. Keep in mind that dental injuries are highly time sensitive. The sooner you can make it to us, the more likely it is we’ll be able to save your tooth.

You should come in immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Pain, swelling, or bleeding
  • Broken or knocked out tooth
  • Abscess or infection
  • Soft or hard tissue injuries

For more information, please refer to this Dental Emergency Guide.

If it’s not a potentially life-threatening emergency, you can skip the ER and give us a call. The ER is not trained or equipped to handle dental injuries, and may refer you to an emergency dentist. And, who doesn’t want to avoid the waiting time and expenses that accompany an ER visit?

Are you in pain? We can help!

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